Invitations to Russia for foreign citizens

All foreigners (except citizens of some former Soviet republics) visiting Russia need a visa. In order to get one, travelers need an invitation from a Russian citizen or a company, which is then taken to a Russian embassy or consulate, where the actual visa is issued. Within three business days of arrival in Russia, the visa needs to be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation. If you don't make it through this bureaucratic loop, you may have problems leaving the country.
In order to get Russian visa, a person needs to submit to a Russian embassy or consulate an invitation from a Russian citizen or a company alongside with a full package of necessary documents. For a short-term tourist trip (single or twofold), which is less then 3 weeks period, one needs to have a tourist invitation. Original copy of the invitation usually can be replaced with a fax or e-mail copy. To obtain a business (multiple) visa one needs to submit an original copy of the invitation. For EU citizens the procedure is simplified and usually takes 2-3 days. For non-EU citizens this procedure normally takes 1 month. Visa support is free when accommodation is booked and fully payed.